Michael Bernier

Title: Vice President
Employee Quote: “I believe the cornerstone of our success with Tidewater Valve and Fitting is attributed to a lesson I learned early on in life from my father: when you create an environment that emphasizes placing your client’s needs first you forge a long lasting relationship that carries a bond far beyond that of just being a salesperson.”

As Vice President and Owner of TVF, Michael has dedicated the past 15+ years placing clients' needs first and foremost.  Always allowing their wants and needs to be his priority and following through accordingly in an accurate and timely manner.  Not only does Michael feel fulfilled professionally by his work, he is thankful for a dedicated staff who share his integrity and desire to provide quality customer service in a positive and professional fashion.   As a collective office unit everyone strives to be supportive to our customers and to one another much like a family is to one another.

Michael was born in Fairfax, Virginia and moved to Virginia Beach in 1981.  He graduated from Cox High School in 1984 and East Carolina University in 1990 with a BS in Accounting.  During his years in college Michael was always a go getter and maintained employment working as a sign language interpreter for hearing impaired students and served as a Resident Advisor and Head Resident Advisor in his dorm.

Outside of work, Michael enjoys spending time with his three children, traveling to visit them at college and supporting his youngest in all extracurricular activities.  Michael also enjoys playing golf, drumming and participating in many other outdoor activities.